Actual Roommates [Chapter 2] [HanakoXVN]


The story of a self-confident girl who comes face to face with her own sapphic harem (or romantic relationship, if you prefer) while she navigates a new life situation, new friends, corporate espionage, dealing with her past as... troublemaker, cat owner and generally horny. Roommates is a lesbian-only adult visual novel created with Ren'Py.

Take the reins of a young woman with a Dark and Mysterious Past™. Your choices will affect who she falls in love with (or just fucks), and how she acts between the sheets (or on the couch, most often on the couch). ) and how she will deal with her nemesis (whom she doesn't even know about).


Game Developer: HanakoXVN
Game Language: English
Game Genre: Lesbian, Harem, Humor, Romance, Interracial, Female Domination, Romance
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android


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