Ceno Trainer [v0.5.1] [Ceno Trainer]


Ceno Trainer is an adult visual novel based on the Dragon Ball anime and manga. In the game, we take on the role of a young man who is a fan of Dragon Ball.

In the center of the plot is the fact that after watching a special marathon of the series, we (the main character) were completely exhausted and during sleep while we were sleeping, we were suddenly awakened by a loud sound similar to the sound of an explosion, and when we opened our eyes we find ourselves in a strange and unknown place, and deciding to look around, we understand that we are in the world of Dragon Ball, and just before trying to figure out what we are doing there, we stumbled upon a girl who is nothing more and nothing less than Videl, we help her and talk to her, and thanks to her we managed to integrate into this new world.



Game Developer: Byproxx, Gionists: Joe Start, Kizer, Secondary Artist: Giorgio
Game Language: Spanish, English, Italian
Game Genre: Adventure, Milf, Teen, Male Protagonist, 2D, Mobile Game
OS: Windows, Android


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