Conquest of Nibirion [v1.02a] [Team Pivaso]


In the Conquest of Nibirion project, we aim to develop a game that finally reflects the so-called hero games, in which you take on the role of a good person trying to save a princess or free the world from evil. Here the player takes on the role of an evil conqueror, where he acts as the overlord of the deadly sin of lust. In order to fulfill his goals and plans, he must first unleash his inner potential, and the only way to do this is to absorb as much lust energy as possible during his journey. Battles Fights take place in side view battles similar to those in the Final Fantasy series. Here we will focus much more on strategy than on keyboard clicks. Separate classes and ranks are classified according to the type of fighter. The necromancer focuses his fighting style more on summoning creatures or using the dark arts than on fighting on his own. The lord is clad in heavy armor and serves much more than a one man army and relies solely on his weapons and armor. More classes will be added soon. Peace The world will be an open world base where the player has free access to castles, forests, dungeons, seas and more. In addition to the main quests, side quests will also be available, where the player has a large number of options to unlock new characters, have fun with ^^, level up, search for treasures, or simply explore new areas. Scenes Now comes the most exciting part of the game, as noted, this is a free erotic game. This means that the player is not rewarded with coins or anything, but with sex with the characters in the game. The characters are cut from the fantasy of programmers, from well-known popular characters and, most importantly, from the community.


Game Developer: Team Pivaso – Patreon | Website
Game Language: English
Game Genre: Male Protagonist, Fantasy, Furry
OS: Windows, Android


1- Extract to desired location.

2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.Adjustments:ChangesFixes

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