Death Moon [v1.0.3] [Hina Aozora]


Nine strangers. One creepy mansion. Zero escape. bIn Death Moon, you wake up in a luxurious but dark and creepy mansion with 8 other strangers. Before you can comprehend this strange situation, a strange creature calling itself "Nyx" appears and announces a terrifying reality: you are all caught in a twisted game of deception and murder, a real-life version of the Werewolf/Mafia game. .

However, death is not permanent. Every time you die in this game, you open your eyes and find yourself at the very beginning of the cycle, forever trapped in an endless game of death and suffering. But don't be afraid, you are not alone. Unlike the others, a mysterious girl named Astrid also seems to retain her memories in time loops. Will you work together to uncover the secrets of this mansion and escape this eternal cycle of death and despair... Or..

Will you be forever forced to repeat this sick game for the rest of your days? Only "YOU" can decide -


Game Developer: Hina Aozora
Game Language: English
Game Genre: Anime, Erotic, Gore, Hentai, Horror, Multiple Endings, NSFW, Psychological Horror
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android


  1. Extract and Run
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