Estate: Dominate [v0.36.1] [Henissart]


When your parents, their best friend, and business partner die in an accident, you and his daughter are suddenly in financial trouble. Your parents relied heavily on Stern Group loans to equip their lab. However, the medical equipment they developed is still a prototype with little financial value.

With the prospect of dropping out of college to find a job looming over you, you decide to visit Mrs. Wilson.von Stern, CEO of the Stern Group, in his office. Your only hope is that she will take pity on you and delay the loan for a few years.

Instead Mrs. von Stern offers you a deal: if you and your friend work as servants on her estate during the summer, the debt will be forgiven. She requires only one thing from her servants: complete obedience.


Game Developer: Henissart
Game Language: English
Game Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, BDSM, Corruption, Female Domination, Male Domination, Humiliation, Incest, Sexual Harassment, Teasing, Urination
OS: Windows, Mac, Android


1. Extract and run

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