Heart City Stories Episode 2: Office Rivals [v0.2.03] [ParkGDev]


In Heart City Stories: Office Rivals, you and your colleague Nanako have always had a bitter rivalry. Finally, under your boss' orders, the two of you will have to cooperate for once. What pent-up feelings will this predicament reveal? Will this rekindle your long-lost feelings for Nanako? What went wrong between you and her?

And how will it ultimately help you reconnect with what you've lost touch with: that there's more to life than just being a productive workaholic?


Game Developer: ParkGDev
Game Language: English
Game Genre: 2dcg, wholesome, romance, visual novel, titfuck, vaginal sex, animated, cunnilingus, oral sex, blowjob, handjob
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac


  1. Extract and play
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