Lewd Cashier [v1.3] [Wet Realm]


Lewd Cashier is a game about selling bananas and satisfying customers. You, like a lazy cashier, are sleeping at home, but suddenly the landlord appears. He starts yelling at you because you haven't paid rent for your workspace. This means we need to finally wake up and start working. Otherwise you will lose business and eggs.

In Nasty Cashier you need to sell products to customers, improve your skills and have fun with your customers. [if you know what I mean] Lewd Cashier is a 3D hentai simulation with visual novel elements. All you need to do is place the item at the checkout and enter the item code on the keypad.

After each day you will be able to buy some upgrades which can give you some bonuses like more chances of tips, sex etc.

Game Developer: Wet Realm
Game Language: English
Game Genre: Visual novel, 3d, dating sim, hentai, arcade, simulator, mobile game
OS: Windows, Android


  1. Extract and run
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