Life on Mars [Chapter 1 v0.2] [MiZtyl]


At the end of the 24th century, people managed to terraform Venus and Mars. But just a few decades later, war broke out when the colonists wanted to gain independence. The war ended in the mid-25th century with a peace treaty, ending the Solar Federation as well as Earth's sovereignty. The story begins in the early 26th century on Earth.

This is also the first century of the new calendar on Mars. The Martians are trying to distinguish themselves from the Earth. Our main character is a senator's assistant. His boss is running for chancellor this year. One of her promises is to end the legal status of polygamy and polyandry. But what about the main character?

Is he also against polygamy and polyandry? His decisions will determine the history of Life on Mars. Life on Mars is not designed to have only 6 routes. There are other mixed routes in the game. For simplicity, this walkthrough only shows 6 routes. Gentleman: MC is a gentleman. Dominance: MC is rude and dominant, but women still love him. Sadist: MC shares women with other men, but he is a sadist.Share and download: the host shares women with other men. Cuck: MC is just a cuck. Masochist: MC is a masochist.


Game Developer: MiZtyl
Game Language: English
Game Genre: Harem, Romance, NTR, Swinging, Sharing
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android


  1. Extract and Run
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