Living Next Door To Alice [Part 1] [Fireblade185]


A short story about Jake and Alice, the main characters of Bounded Project. It revolves around Jake's arrival home after his recruitment into the Orion Initiative was inexplicably delayed. The story takes place in the year 2185, five years after the events of the first episode of Project Bounded, after humanity has discovered alien life on the planet Eris 201184.

Both the comic and the game episode provide an introduction to the amazing and vast world of Project Bounded, a sci-fi saga that will take the adult gaming industry to a whole new level. — Artist: Fireblade185 — Patreon | YouTube Censorship: No Language: English Game: Project Bounded Genre: Teen, Redhead, Incest, Science Fiction


Game Developer: Patreon | YouTube
Game Language: English
Game Genre: teen, redhead, incest, sci-fi


  1. Extract and Run

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