Lord King [ArchonStudio] [Final Version]


Lord King is a post-apocalyptic visual novel with strategy elements. You'll meet 13 girls (and more to come), each with their own unique character traits and personality. You can “recruit” each of them into your harem. Each one has its own personality and will treat you differently.

Develop romantic relationships with those you like and choose the one who will one day become your queen wife. Plot Our story takes place in a grim environment where most of the population has been wiped out and the survivors fear the “corruption,” a disease that kills or turns victims into mutants.

Our story takes place in and around one of the few remaining "virtually" intact cities surrounded by radioactive wasteland. Our hero came from the wastelands to find his captive fellow tribesmen who had fallen into slavery. By the will of fate, he becomes the head of one of the city's districts, inheriting the title of "lord".

You now have power over people's lives...whether you use it to save your fellow tribesmen, or go further and become the king of the entire city!


Game Developer: ArchonStudio
Game Language: English, Russian
Game Genre: 3DCG, harem, male protagonist, corruption, slave, titfuck, vaginal sex, corruption, oral sex, male domination, graphic violence, sandbox, strategy, post-apocalypse, big tits, twins, creampie, footjob, incest, prostitution, teasing, virgin, animated, female domination, anal sex, spanking, romance, management
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android


  1. Extract and run.
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