Monster Girl Farmer – A Text-Based RPG [v0.32.01] [Bawdy Ink Slinger]


Monster Girl Farmer is an erotic text-based role-playing game. A game where you can ride a unicorn girl and vice versa. Your farm is failing, but your fortunes change when a hungry Monster Girl breaks into your home. In exchange for accepting her, she will help you open the world's first Monster Girl Farm!

Features: Script: Lewd scenes created by craft writers working in paper mines until their needles and free hands are worn down to clumps. With more than zero work experience, you can rest easy knowing that I'm not happy until they are happy.

Memorable and deep characters: an agoraphobic mushroom girl, a superstitious dryad, a girl with a cherry tree who fancies herself a princess... Lots of fetishes - and there will be even more! A world filled with knowledge. Find out about Devil Monster Girl and why the Hellhound Girls fell out of favor.

Colorful, easy to read dialogues. No pretentious purple prose. You won't find words like medium, makle or mélange anywhere. Useful step-by-step meetings. Raise the affection of monster girls through good deeds rather than violence. (Working - many improvements planned.) Gain experience, level up and learn new good deeds.

Melange of objects. Sell ​​them for money, use them to improve your farm, or give them as gifts during meetings. Status effects that increase yield, temporarily reduce your energy, etc. Minimal sanding. Maximum grind (against monster girls). World: A clear visual mini-map that allows you to easily navigate through a variety of regions.

(The map is currently a text map.) Upgradeable environment: Convince monster girls to open shops in the city, build a chicken coop from dryad wood, etc. Keep track of important information in your journal: the number of undiscovered monster girls, how many scenes are left, and what you had for breakfast. Check out the content plan (starts at the top, subject to change): farmer Customize your experience: play as a man, woman or Enby.

Choose your name and choose your naughty parts. Influence the scenes by bringing different monster girls into your adventures. (Implemented for one character, more are planned.) Don't like the kink? Skip any lewd scenes BEFORE the action begins. And if that doesn't convince you, check out the rave reviews: “What's up, man? Everything is fine?

“Shouldn’t you be looking for a job? “We are worried about you. And that's just from my friends! About Me (BIS): I'm proud to say that this is my second NSFW game; I completed my first one!

I've been programming for decades, teaching best practices to others; in four months, seven errors were discovered, and only one of them was serious.


Game Developer: Bawdy Ink Slinger
Game Language: English
Game Genre: Monster girl, Comedy, text-based, fantasy, RPG
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Mobile / Offline Browser


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