Ms. Harley’s Sorebum Dice [Free Version] [OTK Productions]


Earth 69. The Joker, the Dark Knight, the Riddler, the Boy Wonder, all heroes and villains are completely devoted to the one and only Mistress who owns the city. In this free version, you will play as a Major in Gotham who asks for Miss. Quinn to fund his re-election.

The only way to earn is to win 5 million in Ms. Harley's Dice Casino Game based on LAS VEGAS CRAPS. Warning: ONLY INCLUDES THE FLOAT. Even though there is male dominance in this game, female dominance DOES DOMINATE at the end.


Game Developer: OTK Productions
Game Language: English
Game Genre: spanking, femdom, female domination, Harley Quinn, gambling, dice, casino
OS: Windows


  1. Extract and run.

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