Nina! Forced Adventures! [v0.1] [VVTS]


Welcome to the new world! Where the Hero becomes a great wizard and kicks everyone's asses. Or he is the Chosen One, a battle mage who defeats dragons, gods, knights and bandits. Or again!

He is a magician-warrior-lover, winner and fuck: dragons, bandits, goddesses, knights, knights, dragons, bandits... You can imagine... But what will happen if the only thing you have in that world is your spirit and beautiful face?

So let me tell you about one person in this situation. Nina and her incredible adventures in the other world are waiting for you.


Game Developer: VVTS/vvtentaclessan – Patreon
Game Language: English
Game Genre: RPG, Female Protagonist, Fantasy, Masturbation, Adventure, Demons, Riddle
OS: Windows, Ukrainian, Russian


  1. Extract and run

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