Noble Seed [v5a] [SteamUP Team]


"Noble Seed" is a game about a hot red-haired princess who tries to take back control of a city that is in a state of anarchy due to a mysterious conspiracy. The combat system is a card-based system in which cards represent character abilities. This is a very early release and only reveals the combat system. ​ History:​ Once upon a time in a distant kingdom, the king had two children - a princess (our presenter, Anna Vermilion) and a prince. They were twins.

The king is thinking of handing over the throne to the prince, since the princess is by nature very arrogant, mean and vicious, prone to impulsive decisions. The king and prince left the capital to fight a war somewhere near the border. After this, a major uprising broke out in the city, plunging it into a state of anarchy. The central area and the palace have not yet been taken by the rebels.

Our host feels that there is some kind of suspicious conspiracy behind this uprising, and wants to use this opportunity to prove that she is capable of becoming the next ruler, crushing the rebels and improving her relations with the population of the capital.

Since she is the only member of the royal family, she has all the tools and opportunities to do as she wants, and no one can interfere with her decisions. She is a very skilled swordswoman, and there are rumors that her skill could become legendary. She has killer sex appeal and is a curvaceous, strong-willed and well-educated person, but is somewhat impatient and rude.


Game Developer: SteamUP Team
Game Language: English
Game Genre: RPG, turn-based combat, deck builder, 3DCG
OS: Windows


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