NPC Tales: The Shopkeeper [v0.05] [D.mon Games]


A tech demo that offers a glimpse into a larger project centerd around the concept of free use fantasy where reality blurs with gaming mechanics, and NPCs come to life in unexpected ways. As the player in the game NPC Tales: The Shopkeeper, you find yourself immersed in a universe where other characters behave like typical NPCs, responding only when game mechanics are triggered. However, as the player you can  transcend these limitations and interact with the world in ways beyond mere gameplay.


Mixing free use mechanics with rpg elements, players will progress trough the story and interact with characters where they can engage in intimate actions. This demo is a preview of the mechanics planned to be implemented in the full game. It currently futures one character with most of the planned mechanics for the full game. The full game will feature multiple characters, story and more rpg mechanics. Develop your thief skills to steal from NPC’s without being noticed, learn spells to interact more with other characters, increase your charm stats to seduce other characters and more  mechanics like these are planned! —


Game Developer: D.mon Games
Game Language: English
Game Genre: 2D, ai-generated, Erotic, Fantasy, Sandbox, Singleplayer
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac


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