Peerless Lust [v0.30] [Darx]


Peerless Lust is a free-to-play visual novel/RPG/sandbox for adults with a contemporary fantasy theme. (and some development novel elements ^^) Plot: You play as the peerless Demon Lord of Lust who, after being defeated and imprisoned for thousands of years, finally escapes from his prison... but due to some complications, he ends up in captivity. in another world and possessed the body of a weak person. So the adventure begins: to regain your power you must spread lust and corruption, luckily for you this world is full of beautiful women just waiting for you. It seems that only women in this world can use magic, but I can feel my magic, and my demonic power seems to be working too.

So, am I the only man who can use magic in this world? It offers many possibilities! There are even elves and beastmen. I wonder if demons exist too? What to Expect: A lighter, fun story with some serious moments. OP main character - you may have lost your power but not your memory, you still remember countless material arts, magic and sexual techniques.

So, you know how to become powerful, you just need a little time and effort to achieve it. (Basically an OP harem anime style MC but you actually fuck your girls ^^) HAREM - Lots of women and lots of sex scenes, some are harder to get and some are quite easy, after all, you are the Lord of Lust, so sooner or later later any woman will submit to you. Animation. Most of the sex scenes will be or have already been animated. As for NTR - ONLY NETORI - You will steal and fuck other people's girls and wives.

(The only scenes where our hero isn't a partner would be some nice lesbian time between girls or some "Watching Porn" type scenes or something like that ^^) Any girl you see or meet will at some point become fuckable ^^ –

Game Developer: Darx
Game Language: English
Game Genre: MILF, Hand-job,  Foot-job,  Big Tits, Big Ass, Netori,  Mind Control,  Corruption, Teasing, Sleep undressing, Vaginal sex,  Ahegao,  Creampies, Virgin, Threesome,  Lesbians,  Masturbation,  Sleep Sex, Anal, Orgy,  Foursome
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android


  1. Extract and run.v0.30
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