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About the game An open world sci-fi RPG starring two main characters, Jake and Alice, set in the year 2185.

The story takes place both on Earth and in space, so you'll travel to the International Space Station (well, more accurately, a future version of it), a moon base, Mars (of course, we started terraforming, yes!


In a nutshell, you will explore, interact, talk, make decisions and of course fuck a lot of beautiful girls... not necessarily from here... Now, if you have patience, read on, trust me, it will be interesting. .

Concept The main idea of ​​the game is based on the psychological and biological aspects of incest, based on the theories of Freud and Edward Westermarck.

The first is that we are "designed" to feel attraction to our blood relatives, while the other says that after thousands of years of evolution, our brains have instinctively developed a defense mechanism against desires towards them, to prevent DNA degradation. over time.

And, of course, this biological aspect extends to all aspects of life: society, religion, and so on... both in the real world and in the game.

As stated in the comic "Prologue to Life in Alice's Neighborhood", which is available for free on my Patreon page (which I recommend reading to learn more about the game), in the world in which our main characters, Jake and Alice, live, people like would corrupt human DNA while improving it, so... perhaps the problem of thousands of years of evolution no longer affects it.

At the same time, there is no such mechanism in Jake’s brain, hence his strong attraction to Alice.

And the presence of a longer DNA chain causes his brain to constantly develop.

I know, boring stuff, but believe it or not, this part will be in the game, as a driver of their relationship, and not "Omg, my brother has a huge dick, let's suck it" because... reasons)... Actually , taboo is more of a consequence than what drives the story... And, like any consequence, it is accompanied by doubts, regrets, and so on... So this is not the usual type... The main characters Jake is still a small child, he recently turned 19 years old, and his mind is only in an early stage of development.

He doesn't know how to control his emotions and abilities, especially when it comes to Alice.

He is conscious enough to know that it is wrong to want her (because of society, religion, rules...), but his mind tells him otherwise.

And, in order to learn to control himself, he tries... different things with her.

But he is constantly in a constant battle with himself and cannot go too far because, in addition to his physical desire, he loves her and does not want to hurt her.

The important part is that this little "battle" with Alice helps his mind develop without his knowledge, thereby improving and gaining new abilities... And this brings us to Alice... First of all, she is not the typical horny girl who jumps on D Jake... Well... she's horny, all 20 year olds are... but she's not acting in a "normal" way... She's an example of female behavior based mostly on the heart and emotions rather than the brain and numbers.

And because of her love and passion for Jake, she constantly jumps from one emotion to another, in the heat of the moment.

She also does not know that Jake loves her too, so she believes that his behavior is due to her stupid actions (mocking him, hinting at sexual fantasies, etc.).


Game Developer: Fireblade185
Game Language: English
Game Genre: Adult, Sci-Fi, RPG, Open world, First person, Third person, Male protagonist, Incest, Teen, MILF, Creampie, Anal, Harem, Aliens, Teasing, Shooter, Exploration
OS: Windows


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