Rhya’s Crusade: The Aradia’s Reavers [v1.4 Demo] [Black Fortress Games]


Rhya's Crusade: The Aradia's Reavers is a fast-paced game with the soul of a classic Run&Gun game with the palette and resolution of NES/Famicom, modern physics simulation and dynamic lightning, creating a crazy mix made for players who love retro classics with a mischievous side.

This game is intended for an adult audience who enjoys hentai and challenging gameplay. Throughout all levels, Riya's clothes are torn apart when she takes damage and is subjected to lewd stares from enemies.

Stopping the plans of sex-crazed Kidnappers can be a dangerous task. You'll play as Ria, an archaeologist with a military background who seeks to stop the ambitions of the Demon Princess Aradia. Equipped with the most advanced technology and the most powerful weapons, you will face a ruthless army of the little demon.

When playing Run&Gun you can expect a lot of explosions, projectiles flying everywhere and a lot of enemies. At the end of each level you will face a powerful boss. Defeat him to unlock an animated hentai CG featuring Ria herself.

Find the hidden beacons and destroy them to obtain a tape containing hentai CGI depicting various characters and stories from the Rhya's Crusade universe.


Game Developer: Black Fortress Games
Game Language: English
Game Genre: 2D, Action, Platformer, 8-Bit, Adult, Anime, Arcade, Female Protagonist, Pixel Art, Retro, Sci-fi, Singleplayer
OS: Windows


  1. Extract and Run

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