Rolando4Prez Lord of the insland [Intro] [Abdul Kumpain]


Rolando4Prez is the story of a man who showed the world anything is possible. A Puerto Rican ovrecame his humble origin, that of a mere magnate and landowner, or latifundista. He become mayor of his island’s capital, San Juan. From there, rather than be contented, the man decided to become take carry on. What about being governor of Puerto Rico? Would he reach the most prestigious and powerful position in the world? Would he, eventually, be appointed as the President of the USA? Yes, this is about a completely different Rolando Dumbo. If you knew the original one, forget about him.


Game Developer: Abdul Kumpain
Game Language: English
Game Genre: male protagonist, parody, pov, milf
OS: Windows, Mac


1- Extract to desired location.

2- Click on “Rolando4Prez1.exe” to start playing.

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