Roxanne ENF Game [v0.1.7 Experimental] [uwuzaki ENFDev]


Roxanne was a shy and reserved girl, but she had a secret passion that made her feel alive: she loved exhibitionism. She loved the feeling of freedom she felt when she walked naked down the street, feeling like everyone who passed by could see her. Of course, it wasn't easy. She had to be very careful and always take the necessary precautions to avoid getting caught.

But Roxanne knew that this was what she wanted to do. And so she kept doing it more and more often. More to come soon... —————————————– Play as Roxanne, an exhibitionist girl! Walk around the city completely naked, but be careful not to be seen, there are a lot of people around!

Get a pure ENF – OON experience..

Features of the game: (ALPHA VERSION)

• Walk around the city dressed or undressed, it's up to you! Thanks to our inventory system (in alpha), you can decide whether to wear just panties, a bra, or nothing at all!

• Currently you will be able to meet some NPCs, but be careful, they will not interact with you in this version • New features coming soon! Run and Squat is now available!


Game Developer: uwuzaki ENFDev
Game Language: English
Game Genre: Public, ENF, OON, Female Protagonist, Exhibitionism, 3D, 3DGame
OS: Windows


  1. Extract and Run

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