SC4LES [v0.1a] [Pandalin Studios]


The story will revolve around the music business as the MC is a successful producer. Successful doesn't mean famous. He hasn't worked with Beyoncé, Rihanna and the like, but he's doing well, well known (enough to be respected in the community and able to get a job when he wants it), owns his own home and has some money saved.

He is married to a beautiful woman who herself works as a senior accountant in a large firm, and life is good. New and old meetings will change the daily routine, and MC (YOU!) will have to act and make decisions.



Game Developer: Pandalin Studios
Game Language: English
Game Genre: Adventure, 3dcg, Male Protagonist, dating sim, romance, twins, big tits, animated, big ass
OS: Windows, Mac


  1. Extract and Run
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