Sugar Baby Galore [3Diddly Games] [Final Version]


In this game, the main character, Victor Lane, is a successful self-made businessman. He decided to take advantage of his financial situation and meet beautiful girls. During the time Victor spends with his dates, he will accumulate Sugar Points. At the checkpoints, if the sugar points are high enough, he will get love points.

These love points are specific to each Sugar Baby and show if they have genuine feelings for Victor or not. If love points are low, Sugar Baby will still have a relationship with Victor, but it will mostly be a game. If Love Points are high for this Sugar Baby, then they will sincerely want to date Victor and even have a serious relationship with him. With each Sugar Baby, you can also choose between the Corruption Path or the Guidance Path.

Path of Leadership: By choosing the Path of Leadership, Victor will guide Sugar Baby and do what's best for her, all the while having fun with her. Path of Corruption: By choosing Path of Corruption, Victor will use Sugar Baby for his sexual desires and turn her into a sex symbol. After joining, you will be able to check the status or date of each of the Sugar Babies. There are currently 3 Sugar Babies in the game and they will have different results based on your actions.

April: Guide: April is an aspiring model who will become famous under the guidance of Victor. Path of Corruption: April will eventually become a porn star. Brianna: Path of Leadership: Brianna wants to become a famous singer. Victor will help her with this. Path of Corruption: Brianna becomes a prostitute. Li: The path of guidance: Li need to get out of her husband's debt problems. Victor can help her get back to normal.

Path of Corruption: Li will become a submissive sex slave.



Game Developer: 3Diddly Games
Game Language: English
Game Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Harem, Handjob, Anal sex, Cheating, Corruption, Mobile game, Oral sex, Pregnancy, Swinging, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android


  1. Extract and run.
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