The Art Of Diplomacy…And Love [v0.1] [DS23Games]


"The Art of Diplomacy... and Love" is the story of an unlucky vagabond who, due to unforeseen circumstances, takes on the guise of a young nobleman. Now he must live in the court of a powerful count, doing everything he can to keep his cover from being blown... and perhaps spend time with many of the ladies of the court while he's at it.

Features: – 7 unique love interests. Additionally, some "side throws" may be added later.

– Define your personality: Do you want to play the main character as a creep who pursues every girl he can get? Or a hopeless romantic who wants "the one"? It's up to you.

– Influence your love interests: each will have their own personality. But this personality can be changed over time through player interaction. Do you want to make a shy girl go crazy? Or tame the cynic? Sure, go ahead. But know that there will be consequences.


Game Developer: DS23Games
Game Language: English
Game Genre: Romance, Harem, 3DCG, Corruption, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Male Protagonist, Prostitution, Redhead
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android


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