The Enigmatic Domain [v0.2] [One Heroic Man]


A semi-sandbox role-playing game with a linear plot and many side actions. Protagonist In The Enigmatic Domain, you will play as either a female futa or a female lesbian in the main story. The male protagonist can also be played with a slightly different start to the game.

Plot: Aoki (a female protag) finds herself in a new world. Akihiro (male protag) wakes up from a coma, he/she is trying to unlock divine powers, and the only way to gain these powers is to woo 10 women and make love to them. Find these women through the many events happening in their lives.


Game Developer: One Heroic Man
Game Language: English
Game Genre: 2D Game, 3DCG, Adventure, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Fantasy, Futa, Trans, Futa Protagonist, Trans Protagonist, Handjob, Lesbian, Monster, Oral Sex, Romance, Turn based combat, Vaginal Sex, female domination
OS: Windows


  1. Extract and run

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