The Forgotten Island [v0.4.24.79] [FoxTailTale Studio]


Plot: Somewhere in the ocean there is an island forgotten by everyone. A forgotten island filled with magic and mythical creatures, fenced off from the rest of the world. A mysterious fog protects the island from outside invasion, but what happens when it begins to weaken?

In this role-playing game you will take control of a successful and skillful sailor - a young guy named Eirik. As a result of a shipwreck, he was thrown onto an unfamiliar shore. Together with him you will explore a new world and solve its mysteries, charm girls and get out of trouble.

Features: You will find a plot filled with humor and eroticism, the opportunity to assemble a team of strong and cute furry girls, battles, upgrades, crafting and a mini-farm, as well as many, many interactions, just like with ordinary girls. and with furries!

​ Gameplay: The gameplay involves some movement on 2D maps: gradually explore the world, meet unusual characters and, communicating with them, become immersed in the history of this mysterious island. The game offers a dating simulator: develop relationships and get rewards - sex scenes.

Defeat enemies to develop your character, create items, complete quests. The game features a mini-farm and home improvement mechanics.


Game Developer: FoxTailTale Studio
Game Language: English, Russian
Game Genre: rpg, jrpg, 2dcg, furry, Mobile game, Romance, Adventure, Fantasy, 2d game, Humor, Farming
OS: Windows, Android


  1. Extract and run.
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