Witch Trainer [AKAMAN] [Final Version]


If you've played Princess Trainer, the situation is very similar. It's simpler, with fewer mechanics, characters, scenarios and secrets. In addition to Miss Granger, your accomplice in crime is the evil Severus Snapes, a professor at Slytherin School.

The game is set as a prequel to "Princess Trainer", shortly after the events of the Magic Shop, in which, by accident with potions used to try to enlarge Princess Jasmine's bust, the Genie is transported to a parallel reality, where he replaces the famous wizard Dumbledore.

Miss Granger has become a headache for Professor Snapes, and next to this you will try to "put the waist" on this, developing not only his personal growth, but also influencing other characters such as Snapes, Harry or Ginny, although this is only mentioned .


Game Developer: AKAMAN
Game Language: English, Chinese
Game Genre: Adventure, Animation, Oral Sex, Striptease
OS: Windows, Mac, Android


  1. Extract and Run
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