Workers of Kartedhir [Winterfire] [Final Version]


Workers of Kartedhir is a 2D RPG set in a medieval fantasy world, with gameplay split into two parts: the prostitute's point of view and the protagonist's point of view. How these two develop and connect with each other is up to you: you can decide to always play from the hooker's point of view, or always from the protagonist's point of view, or a combination of both. You can start the game as a prostitute: choose her appearance, create her character, and once you are happy with the result, you can enter the imperial city of Karthedheer.

Once in the city, how your story turns out is up to you... You can become a highly sought-after prostitute, a cheap street prostitute, a clean, hard-working woman, or simply sell yourself into slavery (that's the only path in this episode).

Once you trigger an important moment in your life, such as selling yourself into slavery, you can save the game, and the "impact" you had in the city is connected to the main character's point of view: you build the main character in a similar way, and once Once you have entered the imperial city of Kartedir, you will be able to meet and chat with the prostitutes you previously created, if any.


Game Developer: Winterfire
Game Language: English
Game Genre: 2DCG, 2D Game, Slavery, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Exhibitionism, Animated, Character creation, Fantasy, Lesbian, Monster girl, Oral sex, Rpg, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Voyeurism, Titfuck, BDSM, Gay
OS: Windows


  1. Extract and run “Workers of Kartedhir.exe”.

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