Youkai Street [v0.2] [Ourochan]


Youkai Street is a free adult visual novel game where you, the main character, are reincarnated in a whole new world. You are given a second chance in life with one goal in mind: to hunt down escaped spirits by seducing girls for information. By enrolling in a prestigious high school, find out what is really going on in this city and find out the truth.

The story begins with you in emotional turmoil, maddened by your untimely death. No matter how hard you try to justify yourself by saying that you lived a good life, you realized that this cannot be true. The reason is that you haven't lost your virginity yet. However, someone hears your pleas for a second chance and revives you, tasking you with bringing back the escaped spirits. You agree without worrying too much about the details.

Your only priority is to sleep as soon as possible, the return of the spirits is only due to obligations. However, as the story progresses, you will realize that something more than just a supernatural threat looms around you. Overcome all your imperfections by getting a second chance at Yokai Street!


Game Developer: Ourochan
Game Language: English
Game Genre: Male Protagonist, Lesbian, Big Tits, Virgin, Titfuck, School Setting, Corruption, Handjob
OS: Windows, Mac


1- Extract to desired location.

2- Click on “YoukaiStreet.exe” to start playing.

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