Mech Academy [v0.1.0] [Space Samurai Studio]


Mech Academy is a visual novel for adults based on multiple choice decisions. The player will take on the role of the protagonist of this story, meet different characters and try to develop relationships with them. The player's decisions will affect the development of the story.

“The year is 2175 and you are a Mecha Sentinel pilot. These are giant war machines created to protect the Earth from the Nox, a ruthless alien race bent on conquering your planet. However, you do not belong to this period; You are actually Lieutenant Knight, a highly decorated soldier who lived in the 1970s.

Thanks to a mysterious experiment, you have been transported two centuries into the future. Everything is new and difficult for you. Your world, the society in which you grew up, is radically different from the one in which you are now.»

Game Developer: Space Samurai Studio
Game Language: English
Game Genre: Adventure
OS: Windows


  1. Extract and run.

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