SadisfyVR [v1.0] [Olob Studios]


Sadisfy is a virtual reality BDSM porn game designed for virtual reality, as realistic as possible in the most important places. The main goal is to "Simply Work": to be polished and easy to use, without annoying complexity. It provides realistic interactive physics for fun stuff.

Sex is more than just pre-made animation loops: you'll be able to capture and control relevant parts of your partner's body. Face fucking on your knees is already perfect, real sex will appear in the paid full version. The setting is a home BDSM session, and the overall mood should be healthy.

Performance on non-god-tier hardware is a must because I don't have god-tier hardware for development. No SadisfyVR build should ever drop below 90fps on a GTX 1660 with a processor of similar quality. This is a traditional one-time purchase ($15). I don't use the "development paradise" model of subscribing to monthly updates.

One-time subscriptions to Patreon are a “showcase”; Keeping your subscription will not provide any benefit. Once you subscribe, you are entitled to any future bug fixes or new features.


Game Developer: Olob Studios
Game Language: English
Game Genre: BDSM, VR, Sandbox, Virtual Reality, 3D Game, Sex Toys, Spanking, Romance
OS: Windows


  1. Extract and Run

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