The Misadventures of The Elven Paladin [Kiotokai] [Final Version]


Valera is a kind-hearted, adventurous and somewhat amorous young elf who has come of age in her small town of Driftwood. She is inexperienced in life, at odds with her mother and looking for her place in the world.

However, with your help, she will be able to make friends, learn lessons, and create memories she will never forget. Guide her through her many multi-character decisions to find the best of multiple outcomes! - F/F scenarios - Fantasy style setting - Change of main character - Branching decisions - 10 different endings - Tutorial in the game -


Game Developer: Kiotokai
Game Language: English
Game Genre: 2dcg, 2d game, female protagonist, lesbian, spanking, female domination, fantasy, monster girl, big tits, big tits, cosplay, multiple endings
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac


1. Extract and run.

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